The Laird Project
Combining the colours of saxophones and flutes, the Laird Project is a collaborative effort which explores a new expression through sound exploration and improvisation. It is a juxtaposition of experience and genre seeking to combine two different areas of speciality, one of traditional art music and the other of contemporary improvisation. Rather than focusing on conventional or traditional performance,  the duo explore extended technique as a basis for composition and a vehicle of improvisation and expression.  




"Tezat" is a Turkish word which translates to mean contrast, juxtaposition, or contradiction.  Born out of a fascination of Eastern soundscape and odd time signatures, this is a dynamic quartet exploring original work, Eastern musics, Modern jazz and improvisation textures.  It is a journey through a clash of cultures and expressions, shaped to be energetic and engaging, yet smooth and sophisticated. 
Tezat band members are
Adam Russo:  Guitars
Amanda Goldsworthy:  Drums
Ivan Tagg:  Bass
Rohan Laird:  Saxophone
Each band member brings with them their own wealth of musical knowledge and experience, truely creating a unique musical experience. 


© 2014 Rohan Laird

Photos by Chrissy Button

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